Beginner and Intermediate Levels

-Placement test: Sunday, OCTOBER 18
-October 25 at 8:30 A.M. will be the first class

Beginner level introduces the student to the Arabic language and focuses on developing the student’s ability to recognize each letter in writing as well as when spoken. The student learns the proper pronunciation of each letter as well as how to write the letters of the Arabic language independently and in script, which is an integral part of proper reading. The student will also hone his/her skills by doing multiple different reading and writing exercises. This course also begins the Arabic student’s first foray into the amazing world of grammar.

Intermediate level combines hands-on teaching methodology and strategic curriculum designing. The student will venture into an exciting journey in learning Arabic. The program will focus on development in grammar, morphology, reading comprehension, translation, vocabulary, conversation, and writing in Arabic. Students upon completion of the intermediate Arabic program will be able to understand 80% of the Quran.

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